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Release Fascia Faster, More Easily, And Independently

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Push Pain Away In
As Little As 5 Minutes...

...using a 'Nubby' you place on the wall and rest upon!!

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Meet Dr. Kareem Samhouri

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Kinesiologist


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You'll Say 'Ahhhhh' Every Time!

Push Pain Away In As Little As 5 Minutes... By Sticking A Nubby To The Wall & Leaning On It!!

Use a Nubby pain relief and to increase range of motion in your:

  • Feet (plantar fascia, heal pain, and more!!)
  • Ankles (release tight calves and restore achilles tendon range of motion and slack)
  • Knees (balance out tight quads and hamstrings, while alleviating knee pain and improving range of motion)
  • Thighs (tight muscles make you get tired quickly; release the tightness and improve bloodflow in your legs, taking strain off of your heart.)
  • Hips (tight hips cause asymmetrical walking, sitting, standing, and jumping; take pressure off of tight hips and get them moving again quickly and efficiently!)
  • Low Back (finally, something that you can just lay on when your back hurts, or lean on against a wall... and find relief!!!)
  • Mid Back (tightness in the mid-back leads to low back pain and neck pain; it's just a matter of time... by caring for your mid-back, you'll feel relief in every breath you take!!)
  • Shoulders & Neck (whether it's pain, limited range of motion, or tight traps and rotator cuffs, the Nubby is made to help you find relief and get back to your body's normal, healthy posture!!)
  • Head & Neck (the place where your head and neck connect can get really tight, and this can affect range of motion, cause tension headaches, create spinal position imbalance all the way up and down the spine, and even affect vision; by releasing this area with your Nubby first, we find that the entire body gets an even better result!!!)

Nubby is perfect for any tight spot, muscle ache, or pain! Plus, every order comes with a 12-Point Follow-Along Tissue Release Routine!!

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$12 Surcharge will be applied to international orders and orders shipping to AK and HI.

Nubby is a medical-grade massage device specifically designed to help you release myofascial tissue by sticking it to the floor or a wall and leaning upon it for 5 minutes or longer. After the first 5-minute release, each subsequent release can be as short as 30-60 seconds. This is to get the whole-body releasing effect that makes Nubby so uniquely capable in the massage industry.*

*By using more than one Nubby at a time, you are simulating "hands-on" myofascial release by creating multiple anchor points. Experience the benefits of myofascial release faster, and with longer-lasting relief by upgrading to the 4 Nubby Set.

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